L-3 Telemetry-East Introduces New C-Band Transmitter ST-5000

October 19, 2009

L-3 Telemetry-East (L-3 TE) introduces the ST-5000 C-Band Telemetry Transmitter, furthering their commitment to the defense and aerospace industries’ transition to C-Band. The ST-5000 is designed for operation in environments where size, weight, and power efficiencies are critical. The ST-5000 extends battery life and features ultra-high power efficiency, full isolation, and serial-loaded programmability.

L-3 TE, who teamed with L-3 Nova Engineering, are excited to bring C-Band capabilities to the telemetry marketplace. This ST-5000 continues the success of L-3 TE’s ST-800, 3000 and 4000 series of transmitters in a new generation.

The ST-5000 is available in 2, 5, and 10 watt versions. Center frequency, deviation sensitivity, and other features can be programmed through a serial communications port using any basic PC. The ST-5000's three internal modules (modulator, regulator, and power amplifier) are housed in separate machined enclosures to maximize RF isolation, while providing a rigid and robust mechanical design that will withstand the harshest of missile, weapons, and aircraft environments.

C-Band frequencies are adjustable in 0.5 MHz steps in the following ranges:

- 4400 – 4950 MHz

- 5050 – 5250 MHz

All units undergo rigorous testing ensuring reliable operation under extreme mission condition